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Lorraine R. Hewitt, M.Ed., PCET, Founder of Dominion Ridge Academy and the Center for Cognitive Formation.

Dear Prospective Family, 

We respect that you make an investment when you choose to enroll your child in private education. We are excited that you are considering Dominion Ridge Academy. We know that the reasons vary for choosing Dominion Ridge to teach your child the necessary skills for an everchanging world. Because we recognize the needs are different for the 21st century learner, we are continually evolving to not only meet those needs, but to exceed them so that your investment in your child’s education results in the best opportunities for your child. 

Dominion Ridge provides your child exceptional and challenging educational experiences, but did you know that Dominion Ridge focuses on how a student learns more than what they learn? Professional development for all Dominion Ridge teachers centers on neuroeducation and social emotional learning. This transfers to the classroom by knowing your child’s individual learning needs and supporting his or her learning propensity. Simply put, we believe in your child. 

 Because of your investment:

  • The 21stcentury learner will face a new environment when they enter the workforce. Dominion Ridge faculty understands the need for students to learn collaboration in today’s classroom so it can transfer to tomorrow’s work environment. Your investment results in your child having teachers who facilitate your child through the learning process, encouraging him or her to ask the why’s and how’s rather than just absorb data and information.
  • Elementary students now have Instrumental Enrichment time in their classrooms– a time specifically devoted to “training their brains,” and developing the vitally important skill of learning how to learn. Combining specially designed instruments and mediation, students learn how to strengthen both cognitive and social-emotional skills, forming them to be independent and emotionally adept lifelong learners.
  • Dominion Ridge has a 12-year performing arts program with an annual musical that performs to more than 1000 audience members that continues to grow. Dominion Ridge now offers a drama class for credit for students to grow their talent and self-confidence.
  • Dominion Ridge continues to offer creative art in the classroom, and Dominion Ridge students now have the opportunity to take electives that expand their creativity through media arts and online graphic design.
  • Music theory and choir continue to be taught by our music director who has performed nationally, and your child can learn an instrument from a professional musician, participate in school performances, and perform on stage at school and public events, and Dominion Ridge has a thriving Band program.
  • Dominion Ridge recognizes that elementary and secondary students have different spiritual formation needs. Chapels are separated to meet these unique needs, providing elementary students an objective approach while secondary students break into small groups and learn from each other.
  • Community service learning takes place in your child’s classroom to teach them compassion and generosity through guest speakers, community projects, charity support, and reaches globally by raising funds to provide shelter and clean water to a school in Africa.
  • Learning goes beyond the Dominion Ridge classroom to field trips that include unique experiences such as visiting Williamsburg and Gettysburg, participating in Rope Courses for team building, going Skiing and Snowboarding, and annual visits to the National STEM Conference.
  • Students take take life skills courses to learn how to “do life” successfully. Dominion Ridge life skills classes teach your child carpentry, general automotive care, cooking, personal financial management, and other skill sets that provide for their success as future adults.
  • Students learn public speaking skills during the early grades and can be a part of the TedTalk-sponsored Dominion  Ridge TedEd Club.
  • College just doesn’t happen after 12th grade for Dominion Ridge students. Students have the opportunity to begin college courses during their 9th grade year, and many graduate Dominion Ridge with at least 20 college credits through dual enrollment with Lord Fairfax Community College and the opportunity for additional college credit from the Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars program.
  • Dominion Ridge daily recess and physical education continue because Dominion Ridge knows how important exercise and movement is to each and every child. Dominion Ridge athletics is a growing sports program that includes soccer, basketball, cross country, volleyball, flag football, and archery that compete locally, statewide, and nationally and an upcoming baseball team for Spring 2020.
  • And because Dominion Ridge believes that all children can thrive in private education Dominion has an inclusion program that is supported through certified educational therapists and social emotional mediators. While 10 percent of the students receive this specific one-on-one service, the other 90 percent of the students benefit from being a part of such a valuable program. Dominion Ridge is becoming known as one of the flagship schools for modeling inclusion and mediation of belonging in private schools.

Quick fact: Dominion Ridge teachers are degreed, many with their Master’s degree, and have more than 300 combined years-experience in their fields of concentration. Dominion Ridge promotes mediation of belonging, as can be seen in the 90 percent retention rate among staff. This transfers to the classroom by providing your child with a variety of opportunities, led by experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are supportive of your child’s individual interests.   

At Dominion Ridge , our interest is always in the child, and we use your investment to develop your child’s gifts and talents. This results in your child being the best version of him or herself. This changes the world. Thank you for considering Dominion Ridge as your choice for investing in your child’s education.


Lorraine R. Hewitt, M.Ed., PCET



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