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From Our Head of School

We respect that you make an investment when you choose to enroll your child in private education. We are excited that you are considering Dominion. We know that the reasons vary for choosing Dominion to teach your child the necessary skills for an ever-changing world.

Because we recognize the needs are different for the 21st century learner, we are continually evolving to not only meet those needs, but to exceed them so that your investment in your child's education results in the best opportunities for your child.

Our Goal

Our goal at Dominion Ridge Academy is education and formation.

We feel both are important in creating lifelong learners destined to make a difference in their personal lives and the world around them.

Equipped with new scientific data and a strong belief in a child’s potential,  Dominion Ridge is taking a fresh look at how students learn. Since its inception, Dominion Ridge Academy has been committed to the spiritual, moral, and intellectual development of its students.

We understand and appreciate the intrinsic relatedness of these foundational dimensions of the human person, but as an educational institution we recognize that our primary contribution is intellectual formation. The key component of our educational vision and mission is namely that of cognitive development through neuroeducation.

An Emerging Field

The emerging field of neuroeducation explores how children learn and what practices promote and sustain the learning process. Neuroeducation is an interdisciplinary field that combines neuroscience, psychology, and education to improve teaching methods and curricula. Neuroscience is now confirming the notion of “brain plasticity.”

At Dominion Ridge, the focus is on your child. We leverage a variety of cognitive tools and techniques designed to foster a child’s innate learning potential. The process begins with an assessment of the child’s strengths and vulnerabilities. Education therapists utilize various assessment tools for determining the optimal course of action for individual learners and monitoring their success.

If it is determined that additional support is needed, the child is recommended to join The Center for Cognitive Formation at Dominion  Ridge. Teachers and therapists then develop a customized plan that will serve as the student’s personal roadmap to academic success. Our experience shows that with the right kind of support nearly all students can become critical thinkers and competent learners.

Our Methodology

Our methodology is based on the groundbreaking work of the late Dr. Reuven Feuerstein, an Israeli developmental psychologist who was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2012. Dr. Feuerstein’s ability to bring out the best in students is legendary and his methods are now applied worldwide through the organization that he founded – the Feuerstein Institute.

Every teacher at Dominion Ridge receives training in Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (IE). With the benefit of these instruments, focusing on cognitive development, Dominion Ridge teachers are equipped to identify and respond to individual student learning strengths and vulnerabilities.

Additional Support

For students who require additional support beyond the classroom, Dominion Ridge provides individual and small group cognitive skills therapy with trained and experienced education therapists. There is an additional fee for this program. In addition, Dominion Ridge offers a Life Model Program for Dominion Ridge high school students and recent graduates who need additional life skills instruction, socialization skills development, and trade and workforce skills.

Dominion Ridge believes that teaching someone subject matter can get them into a college or a job, but teaching a person how to learn creates a lifelong learner that can be adaptable to new situations. And with our technologically-driven, fast-changing, culture adaptability is more important now than ever before.

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