Sports Programs

Sports Programs

Recognizing the role that sports play in the development of positive character traits (including courage and integrity) and in fostering leadership skills and a sense of teamwork, Dominion Ridge Academy provides a variety of team sports for student participation.

Dominion Ridge Academy is building the athletics program to include additional sports and participation in regional and national tournaments. Dominion Ridge believes in both education and character formation.

Through the sports programs, students learn vital life skills such as collaboration, teamwork, strategy development, and problem solving. An advantage of the Dominion Ridge sports program is that any student interested in trying a sport is provided the opportunity and encouragement to do so.

Dominion Ridge sports are offered to students in 5th-8th grades and at a Junior Varsity and Varsity level for high school students.

Archery Hits the Mark

Henry Thoreau said, “In the long run, you only hit what you aim at.” For members of the Dominion Ridge Archery team, this is twofold. Not only are they aiming at the target, they’re aiming at becoming better with each practice and tournament.

Students are advancing their skill levels with hopes for attending the national competition in the spring.


Dominion Ridge Basketball has our courts filled with middle and high school boys and girls practicing and playing throughout the week. Game schedules can be found on the athletic calendar. Camps are held in the summer.

Dominion Ridge Basketball is open to 5th through 12th grade boys and girls. Students try out for the teams in late fall. Practices are at least 2-3 times per week, with games scheduled from November through February. Students compete with local schools as well as surrounding areas.

Students learn teamwork, respect, and dedication that they carry to the classroom and throughout life.


Girls volleyball is an active program at Dominion Ridge, allowing girls from 5th – 12th grade to compete in games locally and in surrounding areas.

Girls learn technique, strategy, and teamwork while building strength and endurance. Dominion varsity teams have gone undefeated in the past few years and won tournaments. Players successfully compete in tournaments each year.

The volleyball season starts in September and runs through November. Girls also have the opportunity to participate in summer camps to hone their skills prior to the season starting.

Cross Country

Cross Country at Dominion Ridge is both an individual and a team sport. Dominion Ridge Cross Country runs various courses in the area during the fall, competing against other schools. Training starts in the summer. Runners are judged on individual times and team times.

The team is open to 5th – 12th grade boys and girls. The runners are reminded each practice and meet to set a personal goal and to do their best meet or surpass that goal.

Cross Country builds a sense of individual accomplishment as well as comradery among students. Team members often continue after school runs throughout the year, maintaining their conditioning and endurance.


For many Dominion  Ridge students, middle school soccer is where the sport goes from a recreational activity to a more serious and competitive sport. Dominion  Ridge offers the opportunity to be a part of a soccer team to students in 5th grade and higher.

Competing locally and with teams in the region, the team builds on skills, techniques, and plays. Many students play on both the Dominion Ridge team and travel teams, some even conditioning for future U.S. Olympic team participation.

Try-outs are announced prior to each season and summer conditioning and skill camps are offered.

Flag Football

Flag Football is a co-ed sport offered during the spring at Dominion Ridge . Students compete in area games as well as learn skills, plays, and teamwork during regular practices. Students enjoy the non-contact sport, building confidence, endurance, and strategy skills.

Flag football teaches the students about the sport of football without the physical contact involved in tackle ball. Team players enjoy football in a very fun, safe, but competitive environment.

Athletics Calendar

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