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The Arts

Dominion Arts Program

It’s not unusual to hear voices harmonizing in the hallway between classes, ukulele music coming from a classroom after school, students practicing musical dance moves from the in the gym, and occasionally a breakout of guitar in the cafeteria if the moment is right.

In addition, student musicians and vocalists participate weekly in the Chapel services.


Lights! Music! Action! Every year the Drama Department at Dominion Ridge Academy presents a musical that results in annual standing ovations and celebrations of student talents.

More often than not students who are least likely to speak out in class find their voice on the Dominion Ridge stage.


The art department is blessed to have Mrs. Tamara Coffman, professional artist, as its lead teacher.

With more than 25 years professional experience, including owning her own pottery workshop where she taught classes in painting, Coffman works with students from preschool through the high school in various mediums.

Coffman also utilizes her creative gifts to direct the annual Dominion musical.

Art students are given the opportunity to display their work at an annual coffeehouse/art show as well as throughout the school and at special Dominion events.


Elementary students have music weekly under the direction of Mrs. Grace Morrison. Morrison is professional vocalist and musician, with experience performing across the country. 

Elementary students learn beginning music theory, voice, rhythm, and presentation skills. Third through fifth grade begins instrumental performance with learning to play the recorder.  

Mrs. Morrison also oversees the elementary and middle school choirs as well, which are included in the Dominion music program and a part of the student’s weekly schedule. Students learn voice and stage presentation, as well as perform in two annual concerts and other events throughout the year.



Middle and High School students are also afforded the opportunity to learn a myriad of other instruments and come together to participate in a school band under the leadership of Morrison.

Morrison works with the individual student’s interests to identify the instrument best suited for the student and then begins training and teaching the student how to play. She oversees a middle school band that performs at various school programs and events. She also works with the high school Chapel band.

Morrison also uses her gifts to work with students addressing physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs of all learners.

The Dominion Ridge music program includes creating, singing, moving, and/or listening to music. Music can provide avenues for communication that can be helpful to those who find it difficult to express themselves in words.

Chapel Band allows students interested in vocal and/or instrument to grow their experience on stage performing for the weekly Chapel services. Currently students sing, play keyboards, bass, and drums. The band is always looking for new participants!

Students showcase their musical talents by performing throughout the year at special events and school concerts.


Dominion incorporates drama and theatre throughout its curricula. History is brought to life through skits that demonstrate a student’s understanding of the lesson. Elementary students participate in annual Christmas and end of the year programs that include singing, dancing, and acting.

Middle and high school students have numerous opportunities to showcase their theatre interests through Chapel performances, annual musical, and drama class, as well as many more events that arise throughout the year.

Our Drama director, Mrs. Tammy Coffman, along with the assistance of our Literature teacher Ms. Tutton, bring together their years of experience and professional training, to direct, choreograph, orchestrate, and present a show worthy of recognition throughout the community.

Ms. Detra Tutton builds a student’s understanding and appreciation of the theatre through her high school literature courses. Tutton has a degree in English with a minor in Theatre and Speech. She weds the two together to enrich the Dominion secondary literature courses, exposing students to various playwrights from around the globe.

Her students venture annually to performances of Shakespeare and other authors’ plays. Her students also try their hand at drama when reading the plays interspersed throughout all of the secondary literature curricula.

Media and Design Arts

High school students gain skills in both digital and print design, photography, journalistic writing, and publication production in the media and design arts program. Through producing the school yearbook students learn writing, design, photography, and production skills familiar to the publishing and media industries.

Students also learn how manage social media platforms and gain responsibility for producing content for the Dominion Ridge Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Students gain useful, real world skills in time management, marketing, teamwork, and design principles. Dominion Ridge high school students have the opportunity to serve as content or photo editors, business managers, and project coordinators to build their skills in project management that they can later apply to their future college and career plans.

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