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From Our Head of School

We respect that you make an investment when you choose to enroll your child in private education. We are excited that you are considering Dominion. We know that the reasons vary for choosing Dominion to teach your child the necessary skills for an ever-changing world.

Because we recognize the needs are different for the 21st century learner, we are continually evolving to not only meet those needs, but to exceed them so that your investment in your child's education results in the best opportunities for your child.

Our Goal

Our goal at Dominion Ridge Academy is education and formation.

We feel both are important in creating lifelong learners destined to make a difference in their personal lives and the world around them.


Dominion Ridge provides an environment in which preschool students can develop spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, and socially through age-appropriate activities.

Positive and supportive relationships are crucial during the earliest years for healthy emotional development, cognitive development, and social attachment. Dominion Ridge believes that play is a key vehicle for discovery and growth. The preschool program emphasizes developing healthy relationships and consideration and respect for others.

The curriculum for Dominion Ridge Preschool focuses on gross motor skills, fine motor skills, attention span development, self-reliance and confidence, social abilities, self and environmental awareness, ability to follow instructions, work independently, and academic skills that prepare the student for the classically-based academics of kindergarten and a lifelong love for learning.

Program Distinctives

Math Skills

Sequencing, size comparison, matching, sorting, patterning, counting

Language Skills

Rhyming, opposites, positional words
Colors, shapes and body parts

Phonetic Awareness

Letter sound and identification
readiness skills for preparation to become readers

Fine Motor Skills

  • Writing with proper pencil grip
  • Painting and coloring
  • Using scissors and glue

Gross Motor Skills

Eye-hand coordination, balance, jumping and hopping, kicking a ball, galloping and skipping

Music Skills

Singing, dance, and repeating rhythms

Self-Help Skills

Using the bathroom independently, putting away own items, cleaning up workspace

Classroom Skills

  • Following directions, taking turns, standing in line, transitioning
  • Learning to listen to stories and answer questions
  • Speaking clearly and expanding vocabulary

Social Skills

Sharing, developing friendships, conflict resolution


Preschool students attend Chapel weekly for prayer and music time.


  • Bible is taught daily, using examples of Biblical truths and character traits that are age-appropriate, through reading, video, acting, and other formats.
  • Bible is integrated throughout the day in all activities and lessons

Field Trips

Field trips are a major part of the Dominion Ridge Preschool program and include trips to a pumpkin patch and other locations linked to curriculum units and themes.

Special Events

  • Christmas and End of Year programs
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Grandparent’s Day
  • K4 Graduation
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