High School (9-12)

Dominion Ridge Academy High School Academics

The Dominion Ridge High School curriculum focuses on the rhetoric stage of classical education.

Students at this stage are idealistic and interested in justice and fairness. High school students begin moving towards areas of special interests. They can synthesize and do more independent work. High school students desire to express their feelings and their own ideas. With this comes a concern for how others view them.

The Dominion Ridge High School curriculum takes these traits and utilizes them to move the students forward in their thinking and application of ideas. Cognitive development continues to build on prior knowledge, hypothesis testing and elaboration.

Dominion Ridge High School students engage in research with the goal of synthesis, speeches, debate, and oral presentations. Classrooms focus on worldview discussions and the Socratic approach to learning. Students are engaged in curriculum that prepares them for the future.

In addition to specific course offerings, upper grades can earn additional credit through a dual enrollment program, allowing them to complete college credit courses while still in high school. In addition, students are exposed through their Community and Career course to various fields for future academic exploration and service.

The high school student grows in character formation through working with and mentoring younger students and participating in opportunities for charity, discipleship, and service.

It is the goal of Dominion Ridge to graduate young adults ready to follow God’s plan for their lives while continuing to seek knowledge and growth as a lifelong learner.

Core Curriculum

  • Literature: American, British, World, Literature and Philosophy
  • Math: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus
  • History: American, Modern World, World Geography, US Government
  • Science: Earth/Space, Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry
  • Christian Studies

Electives and Enrichment Opportunities Include:

  • Art
  • Advanced Illustration
  • Photography (Digital and Dark Room)
  • Music/Instrument/Choir
  • Drama and Theatre
  • Physical Education
  • American Sign Language I, II, III
  • Latin I, II, III
  • Spanish I, II, III

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