Dominion Ridge Academy

A PreK through 12th grade non-denominational, independent, private school in Front Royal, Virginia, that focuses on the education of the whole child.


Holistic approach to education


All children, from special needs to gifted

Spiritual, moral, & intellectual development

Dominion Ridge Academy provides a holistic approach to education.

All children, from vulnerable to gifted, do more than learn in the classroom. They also learn how to transfer that learning to their everyday life.

Dominion Ridge Academy is the model school for the Center for Cognitive Formation, focusing its philosophy of education on cognitive modifiability and social-emotional learning.

Dominion Ridge is committed to the spiritual, moral, and intellectual development its students. Our interest is always in your child.


Dominion Ridge provides a holistic approach to learning, where we believe it is so much more than just curriculum or a set of tests, where serving our neighbors is a priority, and our interest is always in the child – each child. For this purpose, the approach Dominion Ridge takes towards education is unique.

We focus on how a child learns more than what a child learns. Once students learns how they learn, they become self-managers of their own learning – and thus independent, lifelong learners – which is our goal for each student at Dominion.

The education of Dominion Ridge students starts with training our teachers in a therapeutic approach to the classroom. Our teachers receive professional development in both cognitive modifiability and social-emotional learning.


Through service learning, Dominion Ridge graduates students who are empathetic, collaborative, reflective, and involved.

Service learning actively involves students in a wide range of experiences, which benefit others and the community, while also advancing the goals of the Dominion Ridge curriculum. Service learning comes to life through the Dominion Ridge missions program which begins in preschool and the lower grades with outreach to the local community and grows towards high school students participating in annual trips supporting disaster relief efforts. Through service learning, students transfer their knowledge of loving their neighbors to actively serving the needs of those in need. 

We believe each child comes to Dominion Ridge with his or her unique, God-given purpose and it is the school’s responsibility to support each child to reach their full potential, ultimately becoming the best version of themselves.


All Dominion Ridge students, from the gifted learner to the vulnerable learner come together in an inclusive environment. Inclusive classrooms are places where educational barriers are removed and students of all abilities are educated. Dominion Ridge believes in honoring each student’s unique learning requirements.

Dominion Ridge believes that inclusion goes beyond vulnerable learners to ensure that all learners are included. Dominion Ridge developed its Center for Cognitive Formation (CCF) inside the school as a lifeline to students needing one-on-one support. CCF provides educational and social-emotional therapy, executive functioning coaching, and other support to its students.

Dominion Ridge educators and administrators are trained and dedicated to engaging a range of learning styles and creating an environment where students not only learn from the daily curriculum but also daily from each other.

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Dominion Ridge: In Person!

Dominion Ridge is open for K3-12th Grade this 2021 academic year with its Care and Concern for Others approach to ON-CAMPUS instruction. Openings for some grades are available!

K3-5th grade attend on-campus Mon-Fri, 8am-3pm, full instruction, and activities. MS/HS attend on-campus Mon-Thurs, full academic instruction, athletics, drama, art, and more.

Call 540-635-6799 today for enrollment information.

The Center for Cognitive Formation: A Fresh Look at How Students Learn

10 percent of the Dominion Ridge student body receives individual support through The Center for Cognitive Formation.

The other 90 percent experience and benefit from what it means to be a part of an inclusion program where everyone is considered a vital, contributing member of the school.

The dignity of each child is respected.

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